Chowdhury, Anwara Bahar

Chowdhury, Anwara Bahar (1919-1987) Social worker, educationist, writer. Born in 1919 at Azizganj of Murshidabad district, her childhood was spent in manikganj district. Her education started at the municipal primary school of Dhaka. She received scholarship in class three and got admitted himself to class four of New Girls High School. Later, she passed the entrance examination from Sakhawat Memorial High School of Kolkata. She obtained IA degree from Bethun College, BA degree from calcutta university in 1938 and BT in 1940. Although a talented student, she had to complete her education behind purdah.

At the start of her career, she taught at Lady Brabourne College of Kolkata for some time. But most of her working life was spent at Sakhawat Memorial School of Kolkata, Bidyamoyee School of mymensingh, Kamrunnesa School and Banglabazar High School of dhaka as headmistress.

She established a music and dance school 'Sur-Bitan' in Dhaka in 1941. She became the founder member of 'bulbul lalitakala academy' in 1955 and later its treasurer and secretary. She was a life-member of bangla academy. After, establishment of Habibullah Bahar College at Shantinagar, Dhaka in 1961, establishment in memory of her husband habibullah bahar chowdhury, she became its founder-member and managing director. She was also engaged in social work for a long time as the co-chairperson of apwa and secretary of 'Anjumane Khawatine Islam'.

She was engaged in literary pursuits from her student life. She entered the literary arena for the first time with a short story titled 'Chaturthobar Hajj'. Later, a number of her writings and books were published. Notable among her books: Chhabi Dekhi, Chhara Shikhi; Kichir Michir; Harek Rakam; Bichitra; Amar Chetonar Rang. She passed away on 27 October in 1987. [Mohammad Kabirul Hasan]