Delta Study Centre

Delta Study Centre established in June 1991 to conduct systematic and coordinated geological and related studies of the bengal delta. The Centre is an independent, non-profit research and training organisation devoted mainly to the geological and related problems of the region. It is managed by a Board of Governors headed by the Vice Chancellor of dhaka university. The university provides grants and has allotted office space through the Department of Geology. Membership of the Centre is drawn from university departments and institutions, research and professional organisations, and other allied institutions within Bangladesh and abroad. The aims and objectives of the centre include initiating, promoting, sponsoring, and organising scientific research on various problems and issues pertaining to delta sedimentation and land reclamation, flood control and navigation, changes in the hydrological conditions of rivers, neotectonic activity within the region, and problems relating to the occurrence and prospects of hydrocarbon and other natural resources within the delta region; disseminating knowledge acquired through such research; and providing training in the fields of sedimentology and hydrogeology, planning, development and management of water resources of the country as well as offering training facilities to develop energy and natural resources. [Md Sazzad Hossain]