Khan, Mujibur Rahman3

Khan, Mujibur Rahman3 (1927-?) actor and director of plays, was born in tangail. In 1944, he joined government service in Kolkata. He left Kolkata after partition, moving to dhaka, where he became a producer at the Dhaka station of Radio Pakistan in 1949. He also enrolled at the university of dhaka, from where he took his Bachelor's and Master's (1954) degrees.

In 1955 Mujibur Rahman left Radio Pakistan. He moved to Karachi and joined the Department of Bangla in Karachi University. After returning to Bangladesh, he taught at dhaka college and rajendra college in Faridpur. He worked as director (1976-85) of the drama and film department of the bangladesh shilpakala academy.

Mujibur Rahman started directing and acting in plays in Kolkata. His first play was Nijam Dakat. Other plays in which he acted were Hatem Tai, Sindhu Gaurab (1942) and Pakistan (1946). After moving to Dhaka, Mujibur Rahman set up the Plassey Theatre group and directed and acted in Kamal Pasha (1947) and Tipu Sultan (1947). He became associated with Dhaka radio as a drama artiste in 1948. He wrote Isha Khan and Virabgana Sakhina, both of which were broadcast on radio. He also became affiliated with the professional theatre group Rupashri, established in 1951, and produced and acted in many plays. During his stay in Karachi, he directed Manchitra, Elbam, Sirajuddaula, Matir Ghar etc. He was instrumental in holding many drama festivals at the Shilpakala Academy. He also acted in a number of documentaries: Nabarun (1959-60) and Ami Kar (1958). [Anupam Hayat]