Roychowdhury, Pramathanath

Roychowdhury, Pramathanath (1873-1949) poet and zamindar of Tangail, was born at Santosh in tangail district. Though he did not go for higher studies, he acquired creditable knowledge in English literature through personal efforts. In association with Jagadindranath Roy, Maharaja of natore, he established a literary society called 'Sahitya Sangsat'. His poems started appearing in well-known literary journals such as Sahitya, prabasi, manasi, bharatbarsa and Pradip. In style, Pramathanath was a follower of rabindranath tagore with whom he was closely associated. Rabindranath dedicated a book of poems, Kanika, to Pramathanath, and Pramathanath dedicated Padma to Rabindranath.

Pramathanath wrote more than 30 books of poems and plays. Prominent among his books of poems inclue Padma (1898), Jamuna (1905), Gairik (1913) and Smaran. His plays include Bhagyachakra (1913), Jayparajay (1918), Chitaroddhar (1918) and Dilli Adhikar (1924). His fame as a playwright spread with the staging of Bhagyachakra. Apart from literary works, Pramathanath had been active in social welfare activities as well. He contributed a lot to women's education by establishing Jahnnabi High School for girls. [Samaresh Devnath]