Sadat College

Sadat College, Tangail

Sadat College established in 1925 by wazed ali khan panni a zamindar of Tangail, and it was named after the name of his grandfather Sadat Ali Khan Panni. The college is located at Karatia, a place by the side of the Dhaka-Tangail highway, about 7 km away from the Tangail town. The first principal of the college was Ibrahim Khan, commonly known as krincipal ibrahim khan, who worked served it till 1947. The academic programmes of the college started in 1926, when it had only 108 students.

The college has 16 different departments under 4 faculties. At present, the college offers Higher Secondary and Degree (pass) programmes. In addition, it has Honours programme in 16 subjects and Masters programme in 10 subjects. It is a postgraduate college now and expanded very significantly. In 2012, it had 112 teachers (28 women) and 15,000 students. The college library has a collection of about 25,000 books. The college has 4 hostels for its students. Sadat College takes active part in sports and cultural programmes. Noted among the alumni of the college are poet bande ali mia, poet Talim Hossain, and magician pc sorcar. [Syeda Momtaz Sheren]