Alaler Gharer Dulal

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Alaler Gharer Dulal (1857) Bangla novel by peary chand mitra (1814-1883). It portrays early 19th century calcutta society and focuses on the bohemian life of a character named Matilal. Thakchacha is another important character. The author used chalita bhasa, the colloquial prose form, hitherto never used in writing. Since Peary Chand's Alaler Gharer Dulal was the first book written using the colloquial form, this style came to be known as 'Alali language'. Peary Chand used plenty of contemporary Bangla and foreign words, as well as Bangla words derived from sanskrit but in a corrupted form. He used the pseudonym 'Tekchand Thakur'. The novel was serialised in a monthly magazine, Masik Patrika (1854), founded by Peary Chand himself. Later, a dramatised version, written by Hiralal, was staged at the bengal theatre (January 1875). The novel has also been translated into English. [Mohammad Daniul Huq]