Arial Khan River

Arial Khan River one of the main south-eastward outlets of the river padma. Bifurcating from the Padma at 51.5-km southeast of goalanda in rajbari district, the river flows through faridpur and madaripur districts before falling into the tentulia at the northeastern corner of barisal. Madaripur town stands on the rightbank of the Arial Khan. The river is navigable throughout the year and is under tidal influence. The normal range of tides at Madaripur is 0.32m. Total length of the river is 160 km.

On its way, the Arial Khan maintains its link with the Padma through a number of streams and canals or khals such as the Naria, Palang, Moynakata, Bhubaneshwar, Kumar Kailar and Nayabhangi. The river maintains a meander channel through its course and is erosional in nature. A number of settlements has already been destroyed due to severe riverbank erosion and the process is continuing. Madaripur town now faces the threat of erosion. bangladesh water development board has taken measures to save the town and a groyne has already been constructed. Piajkhali, Chowdhurirhat, Utrail, Dattapara, Kabirajpur, Latikhola, Chhabipur and Madaripur are some of the important places on the banks of this river. To improve irrigation and agriculture in the region served by it the Bangladesh Water Development Board has taken up the Arial Khan Rejuvenation Project. [Sultana Nasrin Baby]

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