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Chandravati (16th century) one of the three well-known women poets of the medieval period, the other two being chandidas companion, Ramtara or Rami, and Chaitanyadev's patron, Madhavi. Chandravati was the daughter of dwija bansidas, one of the composers of Manasamabgal. Banxidas came from the village of Pathbadi or Patuyari in kishoreganj district. Chandravati has been described as the heroine of Jay-Chandravati published in maimansingha gitika. In mymensingh area there is a gatha or ballad titled Chandravatir ramayana which tells the story of Chandravati's love for a Brahmin boy, Jaychandra. The two were to get married when Jaychandra rejected her for a Muslim girl.

Jaychandra even got converted to islam in order to marry his Muslim paramour. Jaychandra soon realised that he still loved Chandravati and tried to return to her. Chandravati, however, rejected her former lover, who consequently, committed suicide by drowning himself. Chandravati grieved at Jaychandra's death. Her father suggested that she occupied herself by composing Ramayanakatha. She started the work but died before she could complete it. dinesh chandra sen included Chandravati's Ramayana in purbabanga-gitika (1926). Among Chandravati's other writings are Padmapurana and Maluya. She is also believed to have written Dasyu Kenaramer Gatha. [Sambaru Chandra Mohanta]