Ghaghat River

Ghaghat River a distributary of the tista river originating at jaldhaka in nilphamari district. It takes a meandering course from north to southeast and after passing through gaibandha town, joins the brahmaputra a few kilometres north of Fulchhari Ghat. The Ghaghat has a distributary named the bangali that flows from the east of Gaibandha town, moves south and meets the karatoya south of sherpur sadar upazila of sherpur district. It is a sluggish stream for most of its course and choked with weeds. In ancient times, the Ghaghat was an important distributary of the Tista but at present it is separated from the Tista and has become a small channel. Total length of the Ghaghat is 236 km. Its flow varies from 50 to 2,500 cusec, whereas the Bangali has a flow varying from 400 to 21,000 cusec. [Mesbah-us-Saleheen]

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