Betna River

Betna River originating from the northeastern part of jessore, the river flows south near Navaron of sharsha upazila. After flowing through kalaroa upazila of satkhira district it enters khulna district. It debouches into the kobadak after being renamed as the Kalia and branching out as the Dalua at a place named Benarpota. The Dalua is now detached from the Betna due to construction of a barrage near Benarpota. Part of the discharge of the Betna is drained through the Marichap-Kobadak and the rest is drained through the Marichap-Kholpetua. The total length of the river is about 192 km and the average width is 125m. The Betna is under tidal influence.

Navaron, Ulshi, Shankarpur, Kalaroa, Benarpota, Chapra are some important places on the banks of the Betna. In the upstream from Navaron to Kalaroa water is being used for irrigation through pumping. The downstream is navigable throughout the year. In winter, salinity increases from Jessore to Shankarpur due to lack of flow and as a result agriculture is hindered in this season. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

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