Chowdhury, Mohammad Rowshan Ali

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Chowdhury, Mohammad Rowshan Ali (1874-1933) journalist, was born in the village of Maguradanga in pangsha upazila, faridpur. His father Enayetullah Chowdhury was a police officer. After early schooling at EM School, Pangsha, Rowshan Ali moved to kushtia. There he met mir mosharraf hossain with whom he subsequently published the monthly kohinoor (Asadh, 1305/1898) from Kolkata. Kohinoor lasted for about ten years. Later he edited the Hablul Matin (1912), Hitakari and soltan (1923). For some time he also worked as the news editor of the weekly Mohammadi (1908).

Mohammad Rowshan Ali Chowdhury believed in communal harmony and was associated with the Congress. He was also a local leader of the non-cooperation and khilafat movements (1920-22). He was joint Secretary of the Bangiya Islam Mission Samiti (1904). In 1933 he died in his own village. [AKM Saifuzzaman]