Pakistan Sahitya Sangsad, 1952

Pakistan Sahitya Sangsad, 1952 an organisation of writers believing in socialism and secularism. qazi motahar husain was its first president and Faiz Ahmed its first secretary. Faiz Ahmed was followed by Atwar Rahman and hasan hafizur rahman. abdul gani hazari, quamrul hassan, ajit kumar guha, Fazle Lohani, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, Mostafa Nurul Islam, Anisuzzaman were also members of this association.

The regular bimonthly meetings of the association were held in the office of saogat at Patuatuli, Dhaka. At these meetings, poems, stories and articles were presented and lively discussions held on them. There was also arrangement for special literary sessions as well on different writers. Such sessions were held on Maxim Gorki (1952) bankimchandra chattopadhyay (1953) and rabindranath tagore (1955). Memorial meetings were also held on Ustad alauddin khan, kazi abdul wadud, mohammad akram khan. Hasan Hafizur Rahman edited a literary anthology in 1953 under the auspices of this association. Another successful achievement of this association was its holding of a literary conference in Dhaka in 1958. In this conference 108 writers, journalists, and scholars expressed their determination to foster bangla literature and Bengali culture. At the same time they vowed to write for peace and human welfare.

Until 1958 Pakistan Literary Association was the main organisation of new and progressive writers of East Pakistan. It became defunct after martial law was promulgated in 1958. East Pakistani writers and intellectuals subsequently joined the Pakistan Writers' Organisation and its eastern branch. [Wakil Ahmed]