Bangali River

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Bangali River a continuation of the ghaghat river of rangpur. It maintains connection with the jamuna in the east, and with the karatoya (through the Katakhali) in the west. Flowing south, it receives the Baulai, an offshoot of the Jamuna and further south bifurcates into two courses - the western course known as the Halhalia and the eastern one retains the original name. The Bangali arm receives the Manash-Madhukhali, a distributary of the Jamuna north of dhunat, and within a few kilometres again bifurcates to send an arm due south, known as the ichamati (Sirajganj). The Bangali flows southwest from this point and receives the Halhalia west of Dhunat and the Bogra-Karatoya further south near Khanpur. The united Bangali- Karatoya is the Phuljhor, which joins the Atrai-Baral flowing from the hurasagar. The Sirajganj-Ichamati is joined by the Kazipur distributary of the Jamuna in kazipur upazila. The combined stream falls into the Phuljhor at Nalka.

The Simla Khal, an offshoot of the Jamuna, flows east of Sirajganj town and joins the Dhanbandi, another Jamuna offshoot, which flows through that town. The Dhanbandi falls into the Hurasagar at Manpur. The Hurasagar itself is an offshoot of the Jamuna. It flows southwest, then south, and finally southeast to rejoin the Jamuna north of Bera. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in river.